Where:  Charleston Public Library
When:  September 27th @ 6:00 pm
Tina Held (Group)
Katrina Butler
Debra Sullivan
5:30  Doors open for Check-in  
6:00  Greetings, presentations, voting, and door prize drawings
6:50  Wrap-up and group picture for website and brochure
7:00  Adjournment
Steering Committee Update Meeting (Begins at 7:00)
I.             Core values and Annual Commitment Form  (5 Minutes)- Diana
II.            Groups and survey results  (5 Minutes)  Stephanie
III.          Budget (5 Minutes) – Marla
IV.          Checking account and list of charities (5 Minutes) – Joyce
V.           Website (5 Minutes) –  Jamie
VI.          Steering committee selection and rotation (5 Minutes) – Wendy
VII.        Meet and greet (recruitment) Oct 25th  (tentative) -Spring fling (Social Hour) March 7th (tentative)  (5 Minutes)  – Wendy and Marla
VIII.       Q & A  (10 minutes)