• To learn about the needs of our community and collaborate together to help fulfill these needs.
  • 100 percent of the donations collected will go to charities or non-profit organizations (NPO) located within or largely benefitting Coles County.


  • Individual membership to vote: $25-$100+ four times a year.
  • While there is no membership fee to belong to OHWWC, we do have administrative costs, such as the website, brochures, etc., and a suggested annual contribution of $10 or more would be appreciated.


  • Three charities/NPOs will be scheduled to make presentations during each meeting.
  • A total of 10 minutes will be allotted for each presenter. Presentations will be limited to 5 minutes with an additional 5 minutes allotted for questions.
  • Four meetings are held each year.


  • Members will have one vote. Members must be present to cast their vote.
  • Votes will be cast by secret ballot.
  • In case of a tie, a second vote will be taken between the two charities/NPOs.
  • Majority rules when determining the recipient of our donation.
  • Once a charity/NPO has been chosen to receive our quarterly donation, they will not be eligible to make another presentation for a period of 2 years.
  • Once a member has been chosen to present on behalf of a charity they will not be eligible to present until the next calendar year. Presenters will be drawn from the full membership list.



  • Checks are to be made out directly to the charity/NPO. Cash donations are welcome.
  • Circumstances occasionally prevent a member from attending the meeting. Should you be unable to attend, it is your responsibility to make arrangements to deliver your contribution to the meeting or selected charity.