Presentation Tips and Guidelines


Make your time Count!

You will have 5 Minutes to Present and 5 Minutes for follow up questions!  The women sitting in this room have come and are committed to 100 Women Who Care because of the simplicity, the quick decisiveness and the camaraderie of seeing all the great work in our community.  Use the time you have given to make an impact. Remember, even if you aren’t chosen as the benefactor for the night, you have had the audience of change makers in Coles County!

Talking Points:  Be prepared to speak briefly and answer a few questions from the audience about the following:

  1. Practice your speech and think of an engaging opening line.
    • Example: “Every month, 75 women in our community are involved in a domestic violence dispute.”
  2. State your name and the name and location of the organization.
  3. Describe the service area of the organization and whom they serve.
  4. State the organization’s mission statement and speak to what they do overall and how their services benefit the community.
  5. Be prepared to speak to the organization’s finances, including the size of their annual operating budget and how much they spend on admin/fundraising.
  6. Describe specifically how our funds will be used:
    • Present a strong and specific description of what the funds will be supporting
    • How many people the funds will impact
    • Why the program is essential and what our community will miss if it does not get funded
  7. End with a passionate ask and a thank you.

Tell a Heartfelt story

Tell the members why this charity is important to you.  Have you or someone you know been helped directly by this charity, if so, how?  Are you a volunteer who has seen firsthand the good the organization provides?  Are you an employee who knows the specific needs of the organization and the results it has achieved? Tell a story of a person positively affected by the organization